Toxic Exposure LawyerHandling toxic substances is a dangerous line of work that requires extensive training and protection that only the most disciplined can handle. Substances such as asbestos, radioactive material such as uranium, metals such as lead and mercury, intensive benzene exposure and industrial alcohol are incredibly dangerous if mishandled in any capacity. These often lead to serious and even permanent injury or death, and finding the proper care for these issues are expensive and difficult even with insurance.

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Our attorneys will help fight against companies who fail to provide the necessary protection for their workers and give you the medical care you need. Handling toxic material is a dangerous job, and companies should compensate for their injured workers who were exposed to the toxic material they were ordered to handle under a possible lack of protection.

We have successfully represented people who have suffered a serious personal injury or illness from exposure to hazardous chemicals and other toxic substances at work or at home.

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We are dedicated to fighting those who fail to provide complete protection for their workers when handling toxic material. Toxic exposure should not go unchecked and we are there to fight for your case.

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