Injury from 18-Wheeler Truck AccidentsA very notable presence on Texas roads is 18-wheeler trucks that carry a wide variety of cargo with a very noticeable blind spot. A collision with one of these large vehicles can be disastrous, often leading to severe injuries or even death.

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We at the law offices of Norman Jolly can help you or your loved one who has been injured or killed in accident caused by an18-wheeler truck or other large commercial vehicle.

You should not be responsible for the damages caused by a careless freight driver, and our attorneys can aid you in your battle against trucking companies.

18-wheeler accident claims are complex. They can often involve multiple defendants in locations throughout the United States, as well as extensive evidence, expert testimony, and complex procedural and legal issues. Also, the injuries people sustain in these types of accidents can be severe.

Our lawyers have experience dealing with the complicated legal, medical and insurance issues that can arise in truck accident litigation. We are skilled at handling these challenging matters.

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