Energy Management Agreements

Energy Management Agreement Litigation involves the contracts, capital expenditures related to these agreements, non-code compliant work related to these agreements, and recouping these capital expenditures with alleged energy savings are common disputes related to these agreements. Auditing alleged energy savings and examining construction related to the energy savings work and then utilizing the appropriate legal action requires years of experience and success in numerous areas.

Energy Management Agreements are complex, both legally and factually. They demand comprehensive knowledge not only of the applicable law, but also of the Energy Management Agreement statutes, codes, and rules as well as the construction industry and construction operations.

The attorneys at our law firm are strong advocates for building owners rights. If you are a building owner and your energy management firm, contractor, architech and or engineer refuses to repair and remedy construction deficiencies, we are prepared to fight on your behalf.

Some Energy Management Agreement Contractors we have sued:
-Chevron Energy Solutions

Whatever your case may entail and whatever the circumstances surrounding your energy management agreement problems, our experienced energy management attorneys make it a point to fully evaluate your case and thoroughly vet your available options.

By choosing the most appropriate legal action, our legal team can ensure you have the strongest possible chance of getting the compensation you require. Call us to schedule a free consultation (713) 237-8383.