Motor Vehicle Products Liability Attorney

Motor Vehicle Products Liability AttorneyMotor vehicles allow us to travel alongside the roads, or carry cargo across the country. But when the vehicle reveals to have a defect, accidents are surly to occur, resulting in potentially serious injury or death to both the driver and any passenger in the car.

SUVs and ATVs can roll over, sports cars can flip into the air, and a big rig can topple over and lose its cargo in a jackknife accident and so forth. These accidents can be caused by engine failure or weak parts falling apart built from the manufacture. Our attorneys have experience fighting against manufactures that build vehicles with faulty parts and held them accountable.

Protect Your Legal Rights

Your legal rights need to be protected after an accident caused by a defective vehicle. You should hire an experienced vehicles product liability attorney as soon as possible because immediate action may be required to preserve all of your rights.

All accidents in Texas are governed by a statute of limitations, so it is crucial to take action as soon as possible. Some accidents also have shorter notice provisions, which may be very strict.

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