Defective Products Causing Injury

Defective Products Causing Injury Attorney Products used for everyday life are meant to make lives easier for people doing chores at home or their jobs at the work place. A defective product can potentially cause serious injury or death, be it a defected car engine exploding, medical equipment being too sharp, taking incorrect prescription drugs, blown tires or electrical failures.

The product’s manufacture may do a recall of the defective product out on the market, but the damage has been done and the product in question has either severely injured or killed someone.

Injuries from defective products can cause disabilities such as blindness, paralysis, mental damages and intensive trauma or even death to the user. Our attorneys will hold manufactures accountable for the damages their defective products cause, and ensure that the victims of defective products are compensated beyond company recalls.

Fighting For Your Rights

You may be entitled to compensation if the injury resulted from a product that was unreasonably dangerous. Products that lack the proper safety warnings also qualify as dangerous and defective.

Our attorneys will investigate all aspects of the accident. We will work closely with experts to identify the defective product and the level of negligence that resulted when it was introduced to the market.

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Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have a responsibility in ensuring that the products that find their way into the hands of consumers are safe.

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