Environmental Damage and Toxic Torts Attorney

Environmental Damage and Toxic Torts Attorney
The outside environment can be dangerous when it is damaged from toxic waste doused upon it. Toxic exposure from the environment, be it from chemical spills, contaminated groundwater, fracking or smoke from wildfires, prolonged exposure can lead to health problems to thousands for a protracted period of time.

Many people feel they cannot fight back against environmental pollution. It might hurt the local business economy or it might be just too hard to go up against big companies or big government. The law provides for legal means to clean up rivers, decrease air pollution, ban toxic substances and insist on compliance with our environmental laws.

Toxic Tort Litigation and Personal Injury Attorneys

A toxic tort is a personal injury case brought about because of exposure to a toxic substance. If a company knowingly exposes the public or its employees to a harmful substance, it can be held liable for the consequences. These consequences typically come in the form of health problems or even death.

Protecting the Environment

Our attorneys are here to protect the public from companies who carelessly dispose their toxic waste into the environment. We hold companies accountable who damage the surrounding environment and cause injury to people.

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